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girls are SOOOO pretty i wish boys could take a hint and pick up their fucking game. get some eye liner you hillbilly cavemen

Connor Walsh in “Let’s get to scooping”


things i need u to please know right now:

  • bad days don’t last forever
  • napping is never a crime
  • all the cells in ur body are working so hard to keep u healthy and happy and they love u very much
  • also dogs, they love u very much
  • instant hot chocolate takes 2 minutes to make and requires no culinary expertise please indulge urself
  • u are a part of this world 
  • and a very important part
  • don’t doubt that for a single second
I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. This world is so guarded and fearful. I appreciate rawness so much. —Emery Allen (via wordsnquotes)


bro, i dont even care anymore. fuck it! *continues to try very hard*


@my friends who can see emojis: 😘

as for my friends who can’t, enjoy this Square Of Friendship


i get anxious for people who fall asleep on public transit. like where is your home? how many stops have you missed? this was not a time for a nap

dear cas,